Terms & Conditions

Our kitchen porter service contract runs in blocks of 6 weeks at a time.You can cancel by giving one weeks notice at the end of any 6th week otherwise you will then enter a new 6 week block and so on.

Payment is required the day your invoice is issued which is normally the Monday or Tuesday following the previous weeks service. The previous weeks service runs from Monday to Sunday.

Our kitchen porters work for us exclusively and are not available for direct hire by the customer

The customer to send in weekly rotas latest Friday to apply for the following week beginning Monday ,otherwise the previous weeks rota will apply

The minimum requirement per kitchen porter is 35 hours a week

The price per hour is the same for all shifts and days whether weekdays or weekends and there are no extra hidden costs for the customer such as holiday pay or sick pay

If the customer is unhappy with any particular kitchen porter we will arrange a replacement for the following week

The week runs from Monday to Sunday and time sheets to be emailed by customer every Monday morning for the previous Monday-Sunday week

Prices are only increased every April

These terms & conditions apply from 1st January 2023