Kitchen Porter Staff in London Supplied At £15.18 Per Hour + VAT Including Weekends With No Hidden Extras.

We’re a specialist recruitment agency providing kitchen porters in London to help boost staff arrangements in the hospitality sector. Most establishments such as restaurants, public houses and hotels that serve meals will require some form of assistance from kitchen porters or agency staff in London.

Depending on their size, one kitchen porter may be sufficient, whereas the larger establishments may require several kitchen staff.

Sometimes a full time supervisor may also be necessary to manage the kitchen porter team at any particular site.

Please note we do not provide short term cover, or temporary kitchen porters in London.

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Kitchen Porter Agency London

  • Preparing rotas for each shift.
  • Allocating rotas to kitchen porters.
  • Training and retraining in Health & Safety including risk assessments and COSHH.
  • Arranging for cover during holidays and absenteeism.
  • Changing rotas for greater than expected demand spikes or reducing them during a lull in trade.
  • Allocating ad hoc duties for any unexpected contingencies.
  • Ensuring all equipment is kept clean and in good working order.
  • Disciplining certain staff if necessary.
  • Ensuring all kitchen porters clock in and out.
  • Ensuring waste is removed to collection bays regularly avoiding build up.
  • Ensuring waste collection bays are kept clean and tidy.
  • Ensuring dishwashers are loaded and emptied at the correct time with no disruption to the flow and also making sure they are kept clean and in good working order.
  • Reporting to management on any outstanding issues with security, equipment,lighting uniforms, health & safety and access on and off the premises and broken items.
  • Ensuring an adequate supply of PPE and cleaning chemicals as well as clean overalls with the right sizes for each kitchen porter.
  • Ensuring crockery and cutlery is clean, adequately stored, free of damage, easily accessed and available in plentiful supply at all times.

Kitchen Staff London

Whatever your kitchen staff needs, we will provide you with punctual, experienced, reliable, trained, flexible and friendly kitchen porters throughout London.

With some customers we provide kitchen staff in London who can stay behind after the final shift of the day and deep clean the kitchens overnight out of hours.

Our kitchen porters can also chip in when required to provide you with even greater flexibility where you need additional help, such as food preparation, help at front of house, moving waste to collection points, or taking over heavy lifting when required.

Benefits of using Kitchen Porter Services London when deciding to hire kitchen staff

  • Permanency.

    You will get the same kitchen porter day in day out which will become a vital and invaluable permanent member of your kitchen.

  • No Lengthy contracts.

    The contract is a 6 weekly rolling contract that you can cancel after any 6th week by giving one weeks notice.

  • You can hire a kitchen porter for as little as 35 hours a week with no maximum limit and to suit any shift you require.
    Our kitchen porters will stay for extra time outside of their normal hours if you experience an unexpected busier than normal rush or leave early if you have an unpredicted lull in trade subject to the minimum of 35 hours a week.
  • Unbeatable prices.
    Our staffing agency offers kitchen porters in London for just £15.18 + VAT per hour which is an all-inclusive price with no extra charge for weekends or overtime.
  • No quibble guarantee.
    In the unlikely event you are unhappy with any of our kitchen porter staff we guarantee to replace them within the following weeks rota if asked.
  • No need to worry about payments such as holiday pay or sickness pay for your kitchen porters anymore.
  • No need to worry about finding cover for unexpected kitchen porter absenteeism sickness or holiday cover anymore.
    Everything is taken care of in our Kitchen Porter Services London package all for £15.18 + VAT per hour so that your kitchen runs seamlessly with continuity, stability and fuss free with no disruptions.
  • Worries about wasting valuable time and resources hiring, trialing, training, retraining, dismissing and re-hiring a string of kitchen porters to find a suitable one become things of the past with Kitchen Porter Services London.

So Start With A Clean Plate & Call Our Kitchen Porter Agency